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The Estate

Our Estate has been in the family for roughly 230 years. Especially in the last three decades our appreciation of this long-standing tradition has determined the way we work more and more. With respect for the knowledge and the experience of our forefathers, we have been working as a fully certified member of the Demeter association since 2004, according to biodynamic principles.  Consequently we have gotten ever closer to our idea of a soulful wine in the greatest possible harmony with nature.

The estate in its present form was built by Peter Jakob and Angela. When they took over the family business in the 70ies, the first had to create new location. From this base, they constantly worked to develop and refine the quality of the wines further.

A great affirmation of our work and our journey was the victory at the German Riesling Competition  with our 1991 Riesling of the Oestrich Doosberg. This was one of many small, but important milestones in our development.

It is our absolute conviction that ecological and biodynamic viniculture is our future - with its large and small challenges, as well as infinite moments of joy and the growing certainty to be doing what is absolutely right for us.

»Our Estate has been in the family for roughly 230 years.«

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