The force of the grape

After careful handpicking and an extremely gentle pressing overseveral hours, we let the natural processes in the cellar run their course, but we accompany them with the utmost care and attention.
If necessary, we intervene using traditional, artisanal methods, but completely do without things like pure cultured yeasts or fining agents. The force of the grape alone makes the wine. This creates unmanipulated, lively wines that reflect their place and their own character and are unadulterated and age very well.

»A healthy must finds its own way.«


One of the most important factors for us in the cellar – in addition to trusting the force of an optimal harvest – is time. In recent years, we have been able to gradually free ourselves step by step from the
external constraint of having to market wines as young as possible. Today, we give them significantly more time to find themselves on their own. We allow our site-specific wines up to three years before
they go on sale, and even our entry-level estate and village wines for a whole year.



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