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In the Cellar

To develop genuinely individual wines, full of character we do not follow set recipes. Each vintage and each harvest of grapes dictates which measures are sensible or necessary. Every time it is a renewed effort to come close to the desired ideal. And exactly like in the vineyard we have rediscovered the old to be the “new” for us in our cellar work.

For us, making wine revolves around a particular vision, an idea. Wine happens in the head. In the cellar we follow one strategy above all others: give the wine enough time and rest, so it can develop in its own right. Here everything is grounded on our work in the vineyard. The grape has to be picked and pressed in a way that we do not have to intervene later on, because a healthy must finds its own way. Good tasting grapes are paramount. The analytical values of acidity and sugar are circumstantial. Here, everything comes to fruition which - with the exception of the weather - we have built in our vineyards for a long time.

Our grapes are picked by many industrious hands, by people who diligently hold each cluster in their hands, before they decide with experience and sensitivity into which bucket they will be dropped. Back at the estate the pickings will then slowly be worked on. In the press the grapes yield their must under low pressure over several hours. The cluster structure acts like a natural filter cake in the press basket. The must runs from the press, opaque and cloudy into the cellar, where it lies for a night before being put to rest in its new home.

»A healthy must finds its own way.«

As a rule, we ferment without temperature control as to not manipulate this natural process, and only spontaneously with its own natural yeasts, to achieve the most distinct character for the wine.  If the wine “wants” it undergoes a second, malolactic fermentation, thus achieving its inner balance. After fermentation is complete, our young wines rest and mature on top of the yeast for some time - in some cases several years - obtaining yet again a very different structure and character. Additionally we refrain from all forms of fining. Only this way we preserve their density and distinctiveness - and the fruits of our intense labour in the vineyard. We age our local and large site wines (“Ortswein” and “Lagenwein”) in large oak casks.

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